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Coaching Buddy

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Get the #1 Baseball Coaching App on the market!!Coaching Buddy will enable you, the coach or parent, the ability to help your players or your child improve at the game of baseball. This app provides the basics necessary to help players understand the mechanics and fundamentals of baseball. It also provides over 50 great drills to keep practices new and exciting for the players. For coaches, you can setup your own practice plans and add drills to each as you see fit.
The BASICS screen has a lot of information explaining the very basics of how to do things in the game of baseball. Categories include: Hitting, pitching, fielding, throwing, baserunning, and bunting.
The DRILLS screen lists over 50 drills to help improve the player in all of the areas listed above.
The PRACTICE PLANS screen enables you to create your own practice plans by assigning drills to them. Create as many practice plans as you want and add as many drills to them as you see fit. You can also remove drills from practice plans or remove plans altogether from the list.
Future releases will include:
More drills - When I discover drills that are useful, or you as the user discover a drill that you feel should be included in this app - just email me the information and I will review and include it in the next update.
Custom drills - As a current 14U baseball coach myself, I know that there are some drills that we use that focus on one particular area not included in this app. With this feature you would be able to enter all of the information for that drill and carry it with you wherever you go.
Illustrations - Sometimes drills are harder to explain with only descriptions. In a future update, I'd like to add an image to each drill to show exactly how each drill is setup and how it should operate. In addition, when creating a custom drill, I'd like to include the ability to create an illustration right on your handset.